Infinite Mixed Reality Studios

Welcome to Infinite Mixed Reality Studios

“Through the eyes of Infinite Mixed Reality Studios we are creating a new reality.”

We are a multi award winning, critically acclaimed full-service virtual reality and augmented reality agency and production company, conceiving, creating and building end-to-end VR and AR, 360º games and experiences.

“Mixed Reality is the most immersive platform to view an experience, we want to give everyone access to amazing stories, and real life products, to inspire and educate.”


Here at Infinite Mixed Reality our offices are built to reflect the vitality in our work. We allow our employees to be inspired by the space around them by creating a clean and calm environment. The computers contain the latest software available to edit and create stunning mixed reality content, and we test these thoroughly on a variety of headsets. Our workplaces at Infinite Mixed Reality allow for creativity to flow, constantly generating innovative and pioneering ideas for the company.