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Augmented and Mixed Reality Studios

Our aim is not only to entertain but also to educate.

At Infinite Mixed Reality, we are a full service Augmented and Mixed Reality Production Company. We provide our clients with the ability to develop tailored AR and MR experiences.

Mixed Reality Services

MR (Mixed Reality) is an overlay of synthetic content which is placed in and interacts with the real world.

Experiential learning is so important to us. We are working alongside King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to provide training within the medical field giving both professionals and students the opportunity to learn through experience, allowing to develop their skills using mixed reality.

This innovative MR technology will eliminate the high risk factor when training whilst still allowing students to learn and gain knowledge from experience. One of the many opportunities will allow surgeons to place virtual ultrasound images on their patient while performing an operation, providing professionals with unlimited resources.

Mixed Reality creates awareness for important causes by bringing your environment to life. We have reconstructed a wildlife elements to enable the viewer to experience endangered species up close and personal. Giving the opportunity for viewers to connect with the environment like never before.

Mixed reality provides the opportunity for schools and teachers to utilise the technology to better their education. Using methods such as interactive reading have become a reality. Children learn best when they are engaged, MR allows us to improve upon traditional teaching methods improving education for children worldwide. Children can read through interactive books, absorbing a wealth of information, in a fun impactful way.

Augmented Reality Services

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology which enables us to enhance the real world, in real-time by adding and changing elements with digital information and media.

AR is taking a real world environment using a camera on a device such as a phone, and augmenting (enhancing) a digital interface such as virtual objects, sound, video and graphics.

Using Augmented Reality, Infinite Mixed Reality presents huge opportunities for brands to showcase their products and services, and connect with their customers on a higher level. The platforms are easily accessible and are simple for customers to use and understand. It also presents a huge opportunity for companies to train their employees.

The uses for Augmented Reality are endless. Through the utilisation of the technology, Infinite Mixed Reality are granting viewers the ability to perform a variety of simple tasks such as trying on clothes and changing the colour of their walls.

AR also presents the opportunity for users to perform more challenging tasks. For example, dismantling objects to inspect their contents or inserting desired objects into a chosen environment such as furniture within a house.

One of the many ways we are implementing AR into everyday use is bringing industry experts and visionaries into your environment. For example: We can bring a personal trainer into the home of a client digitally, saving both time and money for the user and the trainer. The user can work out with their personal trainer in their living room at their own convenience.

AR is accessible for a huge audience it can be used on all devices with a camera whether operating on an iOS or Android system, such as a phone, tablet, headsets or even a PC.

To find out more information on MR, AR and the services we provide please visit our services page.