Infinite Mixed Reality Gaming Studios

Coming Soon 2017

Infinite Mixed Reality Studios

Infinite Mixed Reality Gaming Studios

Infinite Mixed Reality’s highly skilled VR team comprised of some of the world’s most talented and skilled game developers and creatives, we have been developing and expanding our gaming studio ready to launch in July 2017.

Infinite Mixed Reality is a hugely successful 360° VR multiple award winning production house we are working alongside and co-producing with some of the most respected and renowned agencies and creative studios in the world. We are using our advanced industry expertise and skills to create more unique content, now evolving our focus on the 360° VR gaming industry, providing people with the most life like experiences imaginable.

We are operating on a wide spectrum, developing programs not only for PC (HTC, Oculus) and Sony VR, also developing for Mobile gaming apps. Giving a huge audience the chance to escape, and transport themselves to gain the highest level of enjoyment by combining the two most immersive and interactive mediums VR and Gaming into one.

We are highly active in virtual reality working, in a fast evolving industry, we are prepared and plan for future developments, whether that be hardware or software.

VR gives a completely new experience, incomparable to traditional gaming, in another league of its own. We are combining groundbreaking voice acting, dialogue and writing to give our gamers accessibility to interactive diverse adventures across all genres, guaranteed to change the expectations and overall experience for what the gamer will in the future require and wish to purchase.

The feedback from the majority of gamers, who are already exploring and purchasing VR games, are not as positive as one would expect, within a multi billion dollar industry and with only less than a total of 220 games available for PSVR, this is without doubt about to dramatically change.

Infinite Mixed Reality is excited to be creating unique content for this flourishing market.

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