Infinite Places

Coming Soon 2017

Infinite Mixed Reality Studios

Infinite Places

The Infinity House Group is proud to announce Infinite Places, your world-wide virtual reality guide to health and wellbeing.

Infinite Places is an all new, Innovative, Exciting and immersive platform containing a world-wide, true-to-life, 360° virtual reality guide to health & wellness themed activities, events and establishments for users to explore.
The platform will host a constantly updated and ever expanding archive of virtual reality recommendations and representations of the listed venues, events and businesses from the world’s leading cities.

Infinite Places will allow viewers to select their city, choose from several options such as, retreats, health and wellbeing, topical events, healthy eating and much more.

From there users will be able to further refine their filters in order to select a venue, or event. They will then be able to take a guided detailed 360° tour around their chosen location.

Infinite Places will improve the experience both for customers and businesses, providing a new and innovative method of browsing.

For an exclusive look at Infinite Places, click to watch the exclusive trailer.