Infinity House Retreat

A virtual world for health and wellbeing

Infinite Mixed Reality Studios

Infinity House Retreat

Welcome to the world’s first Virtual Retreat.

We have opened our doors to revitalise the world of health and wellbeing by bringing the benefits of traditional retreats into the everyday lives of people all round the world.

Through our virtual reality app, Infinity House Retreat will enable members to access immersive content in beautifully designed studios in a unique combination of serenity and self enrichment.

We have partnered with experts from across the globe so that our members can access the wealth of immersive health and wellbeing content available in our beautifully designed virtual studios.

Being at peace is the ultimate position of power.

Discover local events and a like minded community with access to our incredible directory of registered practitioners. Keep up to date with our regular newsletter and become an integral part of our community.

Experience fascinating tutorials, workshops, one on one guidance and masterclasses from visionaries and entrepreneurs all within our virtual reality app.

All without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.

Infinity House Retreat Directory

When you become a member of Infinity House Retreat, you will automatically gain access to our directory. This is a community environment where normal people have access to a wealth of health and wellbeing, registered practitioners and experts at their doorstep. With over 200 subject matters including personal training, holistic therapies and stress management.

Become a member of Infinity House Retreat now and set your life on a new course.

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