Capital Creates Change

Infinite Mixed Reality Studios | WSJ. Custom Studios


As part of the collaborative project, Capital Creates Change, Infinite Mixed Reality & WSJ. Custom studios produced a deeply insightful virtual reality experience of ‘Kiribati’ – The island nation of 33 coral atolls spread across 1.3 million square miles in the Pacific Ocean.

‘No people on earth are experiencing the effects of climate change like the citizens of Kiribati, a small island nation 1,200 nautical north of Fiji where families live just a few feet above sea level.’

The 360° film features Kiribati’s grapple with global climate change by documenting the destructive effects, whilst showcasing the resilience of the 110,000 inhabitants who are desperately trying to preserve their valued culture.

We are allowing viewers to have up close and personal tour of Kiribati, to enable them to experience this island nation in 360° for the first time ever.

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