Medical Training

King's College Hospital
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Infinite Mixed Reality Studios

Medical Training

At Infinite Mixed Reality, our mission is to revolutionise the work of healthcare, by implementing our expertise in the world of virtual reality. We are proud to have the opportunity to partner with world respected King’s College Hospital.

In our partnership we are currently developing an industry changing immersive medical learning platform, which will radically enhance the traditional training methods of healthcare professionals.

Our close up immersive content will give unparalleled access to new surgical learning resources and will have a hugely positive impact for medical personnel in the developing world, allowing them to remotely experience state-of-the-art operating theatres and train in complex surgeries.

This groundbreaking method of education is a much more efficient way to teach, giving student access to some of the most respected surgeons in the world. Equipped with unobtrusive state-of-the-art 360VR cameras we can create close up immersive streams combining live capture and full computer rendered simulations of surgical operations to provide a cost-effective, safe and engaging new method for clinical education.