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Global, environmental and ethical issues are important to us at Infinite Mixed Reality. In collaboration with our partners Morgan Stanley, and WSJ. Custom Studios, we were able to create a series of 360° experiences for the campaign ‘Capital Creates Change’, a project which we believe will open the world of Climate Change to a new audience, allowing them to immerse themselves into global change.

The series takes audiences to Kiribati, a Central Pacific island nation at the edge of climate change, giving an exclusive view of what the inhabitants of Kiribati are experiencing as a direct result of Climate Change.

Within the series we also visit the Nevada desert for an eagle-eye tour of First Solar’s 2,000-acre solar energy plant, the country’s largest on tribal lands to find out how first solar are Combating Climate change head on.

And finally we visit the streets of San Francisco to reveal how data helped engineers at Uber develop uberPOOL, a global carpooling program which is changing commuting patterns in cities and redefining carpooling. (Dow Jones, 2016)

View the groundbreaking three part series below.

For more information on Capital Creates Change visit:

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