NYX Cosmetics

NYX Face Awards 2016
Virtual Reality Experience

Infinite Mixed Reality Studios

NYX Cosmetics

Infinite Mixed Reality combine a photoshoot, hair-styling session, and makeup tutorial with CGI product exaggeration to produce NYX Cosmetics’ first ever virtual reality experience.

With extensive experience in 360° VR production and marketing, we have been able to combine our expertise in both matters to work alongside brands such as NYX Cosmetics, to provide both their current and prospective customers with an amazing 360° VR production to enjoy.

Presented at the 2016 NYX Face Awards, attendees were actively encouraged to interact with and engage with the virtual experience using the Oculus Rift.

Fans and makeup lovers are given the chance to be backstage and experience a photoshoot with a professional photographer, hair stylist, and makeup artist whilst being educated on products and techniques by the previous years NYX Face Awards Winner.