Augmented Reality Experiences

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that enriches the real world, in real-time with digital information and media. It is the process of taking our current real-world environment and augment its elements by adding a digital interface such as virtual objects, sound, video, and graphics. AR can be used on all screens and connected devises such as mobile devices, tablets, PC, and headsets.

Virtual Reality Experiences

We are constantly exploring innovative ways to communicate our stories to others. The concept of virtual reality will enable us to deliver immersive content of a diverse nature across the globe. Whether it is in the form of therapeutic relaxation through our Infinity House Retreat, or an unparalleled immersion in engaging debates with ‘Living the Dream’.

Our Technology

Infinite Mixed Reality operates using the world’s most advanced hardware and software in the field of conventional production and VR.

The Nokia Ozo is the best single solution camera that exists today for capturing 360 video and VR content. The portability and efficiency of the Ozo make it one of the greatest and most unobtrusive solutions available. The ability to capture, preview and broadcast 360 video demonstrates the Ozo’s unparalleled production capabilities.

360° Film Production

Utilising the most advanced production equipment and facilities, Infinite Mixed Reality will guide you through the production and post-production process to ensure that you are delivered an immersive product that will engage and entice your audiences like never before. 360° imagery is the newest aesthetic in film and we are capitalising on this state-of-the-art method to deliver a powerful and unique entertainment experience.

VR 360° Gaming

At Infinite Mixed Reality Studios we are passionate about gaming, we are delivering unique VR gaming experiences, depending on the requirements we are able to develop VR games for mobile devices, (Samsung Gear VR, Daydream) for PC (Oculus Rift – HTC Vive) and Sony (PSVR) to bring our games to life we utilise our team of the world’s best developers and creatives, as well as the most advanced technologies available. Infinite Mixed Reality Gaming Studio, due to launch July 2017.

360° Video Editing

Infinite Mixed Reality is proficient in using the latest video editing software to create seamless cinematic experiences. With the use of Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, audiences will be able to break down the fourth wall and be immersed in a plethora of varied entertainment, live events, marketing campaigns, and more.

360° Video Live Streaming

Live streaming has brought the most exclusive events around the world onto our screens for entertainment, business and educational purposes. Infinite Mixed Reality will take this experience one step further through the beauty of 360° live streaming. There’s no need for guest list… A VR headset can be your ticket for an inclusive and simultaneous experience to sports, theatre, live music, and much more.

Exclusive 360° Virtual Tours

Interactive 360° experiences are one of the most effective ways to showcase brands, products, and locations. Infinite Mixed Reality offers the opportunity to take advantage of this innovative way to advertise, promote, and explore like never before.

Video Content Distribution

360° content is polished by our team of coding engineers who create custom software that enables clients to share their videos on all virtual reality platforms. Whether it’s making content compatible for PC and tablet viewing, creating a VR accessible app, or facilitating our clients’ desire for content to be viewed on Smartphones using a VR headset, Infinite Mixed Reality is ready and capable of circulating VR content universally.

VR Consultancy

With Virtual Reality (VR) now firmly here, the opportunities to apply and achieve process innovation are huge, however VR is a learning curve for the whole industry right now.

Infinite Mixed Reality has devoted 5 years in VR research and development and will continuously invest time in exploring emerging technologies to evaluate the inclusion of it has for existing businesses and organisations. We know what works and does not work and our mission is to provide VR/AR consultancy to enhance the ideation, creation and realisation phases of our customers by testing, developing and applying new methods and ideas to any concepts.

Our Partnerships

Our partnerships and relationships with industry respected suppliers and platforms ensure that we continue to deliver content at the highest level possible as the industry expands and develops.

What we do

Television & film

With a background in filming successful TV programmes, Infinite Mixed Reality is perfectly positioned to advise in the creation and production of television & film with 360° recording. Allow us to draw in and immerse audiences by placing them right in the centre of their favourite screen productions. Audiences will be astounded as they get the chance to unprecedented access to their favourite actors and screen personalities.


Infinite Mixed Reality is equipped with state-of-the-art 360° cameras that will bring your theatre productions to audiences around the world, through live stream or via video download. This new technology will allow you to place global audiences at centre stage, allowing them to feel as if they’re more than spectators, but rather part of the show. The revenue opportunities are endless.

Medical, Science and Education
King’s College Hospital

Infinite Mixed Reality are on track to radically enhance the traditional training methods of healthcare professionals. Equipped with unobtrusive state-of-the-art 360VR cameras we can create close up immersive streams combining live capture and full computer rendered simulations of surgical operations to provide a cost-effective, safe and engaging new method for clinical education.

Infinite Mixed Reality Studios

The Infinite Mixed Reality studio is an end-to-end platform for users to host and view virtual reality and 360 content. The studio gives developers the opportunity to upload and distribute their virtual reality apps and experiences directly to viewer. Our studios are interactive and immersive, allowing for content to be viewed in the most luxurious of surroundings.

Live music

Through live stream filming, Infinite Mixed Reality will be able to exponentially increase the size of your audience at concerts and music festivals without having to change the venue or worrying about capacity limitations. Infinite Mixed Reality will make sure no one misses the action by allowing you to take your act to audiences around the world along with live and exclusive backstage footage.

Sports events

Infinite Mixed Reality will revolutionise the world of sport by enabling the live stream of events across the globe. Sports fans can have behind the scenes access to their favourite events through this unprecedented view of the action. Why not take the luxe experience of the Grand Prix to the masses by riding next to world-class drivers? – The possibilities are endless.


VR and 360° marketing is an innovative and expansile way to promote your brand. The world’s leading companies have already used VR and 360° filming for events and trade shows. Virtual walk through marketing creates an impact on client’s buyers, which is unique and thus more effective than other forms of sales and promotion.


Imagine being able to take haute couture to the masses by allowing fashionistas around the world to experience your collection instantly! Leave a seat on the front row for one of our 360° cameras and Infinite Mixed Reality will then transport potential consumers to the centre of the action – whether’s it’s the middle of the runway or backstage at exclusive events.